The total cost of the project depends on the area of the room and the complexity of the object. Each stage of work is executed by a separate contract, with a fixed set of services, cost and terms
We will work out everything from the general plan to the smallest details. We will delve into the specifics of your premises, take into account your stylistic tastes and features of how exactly you will be comfortable living and working in this space.

Our priority is not only beauty, but functionality and competent planning. We will give you recommendations as to the materials and engineering structures; consult on construction standards and timescales.

✔ We will think over the interior from A to Z

✔ From moodboard and concept to construction plans and visualizations

✔ We will find the perfect recipe for your dream home

Cost: from 3 500 ₽/m2
✔ Experienced foreman and the team of builders will create your dream home from green field

✔ We enter the concrete stage and do everything. Electricity, heating, water, sewerage

✔ We make any fine finish from complex mosaics to glued-laminated parquet

Turnkey repair from 14 000 ₽/m2
Home renovation from 7 000 ₽/m2

One-shot consultation on any issues related to interior design. Planning, style, selection of finishing materials, furniture and decor. The consultation can be hold out in the office.

✔ When you need advice or expert opinion

✔ How to make it cozier, lighter. How to decorate and what kind of chandelier to buy

✔ When you need technical or planning advice

✔ Go shopping with you for furniture or accessories

Online 10 000 ₽/hour
Meeting 15 000 ₽/hour
It happens that the client's goal is not the global restructuring, but he just wants to update and refresh the surroundings. Then decorating comes to the rescue. Our team will make your home sparkle with new colors with the help of various details, accessories, textiles and lighting.

✔ We will breathe life into your home

✔ We will add the colors

✔ We will make your home having identity and character

✔ We will think over everything, from furniture to pillows and dishes

Cost: from 3 000 ₽/m2
We will help you to complete the interior with everything you need for comfortable life. We will select furniture, lighting and interior details. We will take care of the purchase and control the due time delivery.

✔ We will find and bring unique furniture from Europe

✔ We will add the missing elements of furniture and decor

✔ We will replace or breathe new life

Cost: calculated from the project.

Not only furniture can emphasize the individuality of your interior. In our atelier you can even order works of art. Whether it's graphics, painting or sculpture - we will bring to life everything you want to see in your interior. Like a bespoke suit, the painting will be custom-made for your project to harmoniously maintain the style of the house and please the eye.

✔ We will fill in empty walls

✔ We will select the art that suits you

✔ We will add graphics, sculpture and even posters to the interior

Cost: calculated from the project.

This service may be interesting for those who are just planning to buy a house. At the stage of selecting an apartment or house, we can give advice on the choice of layout, design project, style, budget and construction features.

✔ We will tell you about pitfalls

✔ We will warn about the tricks of the developer

✔ We will tell you what you should pay attention to

✔ We will compare several options and layouts

Online 6 000 ₽/hour
Meeting 10 000 ₽/hour
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